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I never thought Id' leave DA so suddenly.

The reason is one and only: I don't feel safe here anymore.
You can't report art thefts anymore. If you click "permission issues" it'll bring you a bullshit post of them just saying "They can post yout art because they are only sharing it and you have no rights on what you create" and that if you still insist, you can send a note to them "discussing on the matter".
We all know DA as been a bad place of art theft. Overtime It became harder and harder to successfully report them and not have your art stolen with no reason.

I can't accept all of this, that's why I'm leaving this crap. I will still upload my drawings on the internet though, just not here. I'll still lurk for messages and to talk with friends, but no art from me.

Artblog (Tumblr);